12 June 2011


  • I wish my ayah remember my birthday for this year and wish me
  • I wish I can kiss and hug my ibu right now 
  • I wish I can meet my big abang and smash his face to the wall HA HA HA 
  • I wish my nenek can stop or reduce bebel-ing at me
  • I wish I can be a good son and become more mature
  • I wish all my bad ass attitudes can be change
  • I wish I can get a good result in my SPM to continue my studies AMIN
  • I wish my english getting more better , I want to improve my english !
  • I wish I can more focus on studies and book not on facebook
  • I wish hidayah assabri wishes my birthday at her blog like I did to her xD
  • I wish someone that I love become a first wisher at 12am o'clock on 13 June 2011
  • I wish I can stop "mengarot" and become more serious when talking to people
  • I wish my gantung berjuntai hair will not be cut by Khaltom
  • I wish I can buy a real Skyline GTR not a Hotwheels car like I had
  • I wish tomorrow all my friends will treat me like a Prince William LOL
  • I wish I can become more handsome than before <-- nadiah pokok's idea
  • I wish all my wishes above will become reality when I get up tommorow HA HA HA

Baru aku puas baru aku puas baru aku puas . Okay cukup 17 pun baru puas hati aku LUL
These are some wishes from me , I don't really hope them . I just need some support from you guys Tehee :3

Your cute friend ,
Mohd Khaliq Aminuddin
13 June 2011
Lots of love <3

Ello ello! Thank you for reading my blog :)

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